Jóhanna V Þórhallsdóttir

Jóhanna hlaut heiðursverðlaun í Austurríki í Ybbs and er Donau fyrir myndlist í september 2022. Hún lærði í Þýskalandi hjá Markúsi Lüpertz og Heribert Ottersbach. Hún er í félagi í SÍM og stjórnar Gallerí Göng/um. Hún var formaður Anarkíu og ARTgallery Gáttar í Kópavogi

Jóhanna ist geboren, lebt und arbeitet in Reykjavík. Sie studierte klassischen Gesang und Musik in England, Italien und in Wien und später Malerei in Island und in Deutschland. 

In ihren künstlerischen Arbeit ist das Wesentliche die Bewegung. Ihr innerstes wird immer durch einen Rhythmus, eine Dynamik bewegt. Natur, Musik, Menschen, alles was und um sie ist, singt sie auf die Leinwand. Es fliesst wie ein Fluss, sie geht mit dem Prozess, berühren durch die Malerei.

Jóhanna hlaut heiðursverðaun í Austurríki í Atelier an der Donau í september 2022. Hún er listrænn stjórnandi í Gallerí Göng /um Háteigskirkju frá árinu 2018. Formaður Anarkíu-Listasalur, í Kópavogi, frá 2016 sem breytti um nafn 2017 í ARTgallery GÁTT  til 2018. Félagi í ARTgallery101, Laugavegi 44, Reykjavík 


Dancing under the glacier


Gallerí Fold  

Snæfellsjökull is a remarkable mountain. A realm of adventure and superstition. When Eggert Ólafsson and Bjarni Pálsson were the first to climb the mountain 230 years ago, it was considered foolhardy. Anyone who walked on the glacier would turn blind, insane, or both. Even aliens have shown interest in the glacier. On sunny days, the glacier is clearly visible from Reykjavík and resembles a mysterious cone of fire on the horizon. There is the gateway to the bowels of the earth, as Jules Verne claimed.
The rumbling giant
This summer, Jóhanna resided at the foot of the glacier and let it control the color palette. It either smiled or frowned. Exposed or concealed. It orchestrated the nature around it like a coordinated musical conductor. Jóhanna chased the rumble of the glacier and her own feelings. Were the old folk tales true? Will you become blind or insane in cohabitation with him? The glacier is ever-changing as it dances with the clouds and caresses the vegetation. Sometimes the picture turns into a poem.

Jóhanna was born, lives and works in Reykjavík. She studied classical singing in England, Italy and in Vienna and later painting in Iceland and Germany. 

In her artistic work, movement is the essence. Her inner being is always moved by a rhythm, a dynamic. Nature, music, people, everything that is around her, she sings on the canvas. It flows like a river, she goes with the process, improvises. Heart and soul work together, are touched and touched by painting. 

Myndir af sýningunni 

– Dansað undir jökli –  september 2023 – Gallerí Fold

“Energy becomes power. Commitment becomes passion. Music is also vital, creating a certain flow and movement. This is my experience of Jóhanna and her paintings.” 

Professor Heribert C Ottersbach

“It does not matter to the Icelandic artist, Jóhanna V Thórhallsdóttir, whether she paints a person or a landscape. She is equally committed to both; her goal, is to capture movement, and life, in the painting.” International Kunst Heute 2018

dr.Ingrid Gardill

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